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Simon Marius and His Research – Side 175 – Resultat for Google Books

Simon Marius and His Research – Google Bøker

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The margravial court astronomer Simon Marius, was involved in all of the new observations made with the recently invented telescope in the early part of the seventeenth century. He also discovered the Moons of Jupiter in January 1610, but lost the priority dispute with Galileo Galilei, because he missed to publish his findings in a timely manner.The history of astronomy neglected Marius for a long time, finding only the apologists for the Copernican system worthy of attention. In contrast the papers presented on the occasion of the Simon Marius Anniversary Conference 2014, and collected in this volume, demonstrate that it is just this struggle to find the correct astronomical system that makes him particularly interesting. His research into comets, sunspots, the Moons of Jupiter and the phases of Venus led him to abandon the Ptolemaic system and adopt the Tychonic one. He could not take the final step to heliocentricity but his rejection was based on empirical arguments of his time.This volume presents a translation of the main work of Marius and shows the current state of historical research on Marius.

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The Beginnings of Perinatal Medicine – Resultat for Google Books

The Beginnings of Perinatal Medicine – Google Bøker

Viewed from a scientific historical angle, perinatal medicine is a still young special interdisciplinary field of medicine which came into being during the middle of the 20th century. Thanks to the scientific and medical activities of one of the editors of this volume, Professor Erich Saling, who is also called “The Father of Perinatal Medicine”, essential impulses and innovations were achieved. With the introduction of fetal blood analysis he made it possible to gain access to the unborn infant, which today is regarded as a milestone at the beginning of Perinatal Medicine. For the first time, human medicine entered the intrauterine space. With the exception of the collection of articles by Rooth and Saugstad published in 1985, in the history of perinatal medicine there only exist single papers of various sub-disciplines (for example fetal surveillance sub partu, ultrasonography) either as an article in a magazine, or as a chapter in an appropriate text book. Up to now there has been no publication that presents in an integrative way the history of the still young speciality. The main emphasis will be on the time period up to the early 70s (that means the early stages of Perinatal Medicine), however, both scientific precursors and later developments are mentioned shortly, when opportune. The authors of this volume are qualified specialists and some of them have decades of experience in the field they describe.

Cross-Cultural Brand Personality and Brand Desirability: An …

Cross-Cultural Brand Personality and Brand Desirability: An Empirical … – Corinna Colette Vellnagel – Google Bøker

This research proposes and empirically tests the impact of brand personality dimensions on brand desirability in a cross-cultural context. Further, the concept of brand-self-congruity is tested on its mediating role between brand personality dimensions and brand desirability. The results reveal that certain brand personality dimensions can have a direct and/ or indirect impact on brand desirability. Yet, this effect mechanism has not only been found to be brand-dependent but also culture-dependent. In this context, the mediating role of brand-self-congruity was confirmed across all cultures and brands investigated. Important implications are derived for research and brand management. In different countries, different brand personality dimensions lead to brand desirability. Therefore, brand managers should know their markets, understand cultural differences and adjust their brand strategy accordingly in order to attain brand desirability.

Estimulando la Memoria. Programa Para la Mejora de la …

Estimulando la Memoria. Programa Para la Mejora de la Memoria en Personas – Yolanda De Juan Ladron – Google Bøker

The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia: The Century atlas of …

The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia: The Century atlas of the world … – Google Bøker

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