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Meta will restore Trump’s Facebook account ‘in … – TechCrunch

25. jan. 2023 — Meta announced its decision to restore former president Trump’s Facebook and Instagram accounts on Wednesday, adding that it would do so in “the …

Facebook blocks new events around DC and state capitols

15. jan. 2021 — In a blog post and tweets from Facebook Policy Communications Director Andy Stone, the company explained that it would block any events slated …

Zuckerberg blames Trump, not Facebook, for the Capitol attack

In his opening statements, Zuckerberg said that Facebook “did our part” to protect the U.S. election and placed the blame on the actions of former President …

Zuckerberg blames Trump, not Facebook, for the Capitol attack

Zuckerberg blames Trump, not Facebook, for the Capitol attack. Taylor Hatmaker … Decrypted: How bad was the US Capitol breach for cybersecurity?

Taylor Hatmaker on Twitter: “Facebook likes to say facebook it’s …

techcrunch.com. Zuckerberg blames Trump, not Facebook, for the Capitol attack. In an interview with Reuters six days after the attack on the U.S. Capitol, …

Meta will restore Trump’s Facebook account ‘in the coming …

Meta will restore Trump’s Facebook account ‘in the coming weeks’

25. jan. 2023 — Two years after the company formerly known as Facebook suspended then-President … Facebook account ‘in the coming weeks’ by Taylor Hatmaker.

Two years after the company formerly known as Facebook suspended then-President Donald Trump’s accounts indefinitely, it’s bringing him back. Meta made the announcement of its decision to restore former president Trump’s Facebook and Instagram accounts on Wednesday, saying that it would do so in “the coming weeks.” As a general rule, we don’t want to […] Meta will restore Trump’s Facebook account ‘in the coming weeks’ by Taylor Hatmaker…

Facebook Nation: Total Information Awareness

Facebook Nation: Total Information Awareness – Newton Lee – Google Bøker

This book explores total information awareness empowered by social media. At the FBI Citizens Academy in February 2021, I asked the FBI about the January 6 Capitol riot organized on social media that led to the unprecedented ban of a sitting U.S. President by all major social networks. In March 2021, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, Google CEO Sundar Pichai, and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey appeared before Congress to face criticism about their handling of misinformation and online extremism that culminated in the storming of Capitol Hill.With more than three billion monthly active users, Facebook family of apps is by far the world’s largest social network. Facebook as a nation is bigger than the top three most populous countries in the world: China, India, and the United States. Social media has enabled its users to inform and misinform the public, to appease and disrupt Wall Street, to mitigate and exacerbate the COVID-19 pandemic, and to unite and divide a country.Mark Zuckerberg once said, “We exist at the intersection of technology and social issues.” He should have heeded his own words. In October 2021, former Facebook manager-turned-whistleblower Frances Haugen testified at the U.S. Senate that Facebook’s products “harm children, stoke division, and weaken our democracy.”This book offers discourse and practical advice on information and misinformation, cybersecurity and privacy issues, cryptocurrency and business intelligence, social media marketing and caveats, e-government and e-activism, as well as the pros and cons of total information awareness including the Edward Snowden leaks.”Highly recommended.” – T. D. Richardson, Choice Magazine”A great book for social media experts.” – Will M., AdWeek”Parents in particular would be well advised to make this book compulsory reading for their teenage children…” – David B. Henderson, ACM Computing Reviews

Saints and Soldiers: Inside Internet-Age Terrorism, From …

Saints and Soldiers: Inside Internet-Age Terrorism, From Syria to the … – Rita Katz – Google Bøker

More than a decade ago, counterterrorism expert Rita Katz began browsing white supremacist and neo-Nazi forums. The hateful rhetoric and constant threats of violence immediately reminded her of the jihadist militants she spent her days monitoring, but law enforcement and policy makers barely paid attention to the Far Right. Now, years of attacks committed by extremists radicalized online—including mass murders at a synagogue in Pittsburgh and mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, as well as the Capitol siege—have brought home the danger. How has the internet shaped today’s threats, and what do the online origins of these movements reveal about how to stop them?In Saints and Soldiers, Katz reveals a new generation of terrorist movements that don’t just use the internet, but exist almost entirely on it. She provides a vivid view from the trenches, spanning edgy video game chat groups to what ISIS and Far-Right mass-shooters in El Paso, Orlando and elsewhere unwittingly reveal between the lines of their manifestos. Katz shows how the online cultures of these movements—far more than their ideologies and leaders—create today’s terrorists and shape how they commit “real world” violence. From ISIS to QAnon, Saints and Soldiers pinpoints the approaches needed for a new era in which arrests and military campaigns alone cannot stop these never-before-seen threats.

Lead with We – Resultat for Google Books

Lead with We – Simon Mainwaring – Google Bøker

WALL STREET JOURNAL BESTSELLER 2022 NATIONAL INDIE EXCELLENCE AWARDS FINALIST — BUSINESS: GENERAL • 2022 AXIOM BUSINESS BOOK AWARD GOLD MEDALIST — LEADERSHIP “Critically important reading as our economy struggles to recover the pandemic’s deleterious economic impact that is currently compounded by supply chain issues and the beginnings of an inflationary spiral.” —The Midwest Book Review “Provides concrete steps leaders and employees can take to thrive in today’s marketplace, where taking a stand on something important to your customers can become a competitive differentiator.”—Forbes Discover an urgent prescription for a new business paradigm—one that better serves humanity and the planet.The global coronavirus pandemic has thrown into stark relief how “business as usual” is no longer serving us. The economic, business, and environmental models of the past do not reflect our current realities. And for our economy—for us—to survive, we need nothing less than a seismic shift in the way we do business.Enter Simon Mainwaring, New York Times-bestselling author and founder and CEO of We First. A decade ago, he showed how business leaders and consumers could use social media to build a better world in We First. Now, after decades of research and field experience at the vanguard of the world’s most successful brand revolutions, he provides in Lead With We a blueprint for doing business better in today’s challenged world.By leading with “we”—putting the collective above the individual, holding the sum above the parts, and emphasizing the importance of the role that everyone plays—you can not only help solve the escalating challenges of today but also unlock extraordinary growth for your business, and abundance on our planet. Timely and compelling, this book’s message is simple: The future of profit is people’s purpose, aligned. Lead With We not only examines why we must all conduct business differently in order to grow in today’s market, but provides the how—concrete steps any reader, wherever they find themselves in the business hierarchy, can take toward success.

後臉書時代: 完整解讀社群霸主從起步、成長、爭議到轉型,每一步的選擇與思考

後臉書時代: 完整解讀社群霸主從起步、成長、爭議到轉型,每一步的選擇與思考 – 史蒂芬.李維(Steven Levy) – Google Bøker

假新聞、洩漏個資、侵犯隱私、網路成癮、操弄民主臉書今日撇不清的爭議,與我們對網路世界的擔憂其實深埋在公司的早期決策中!最高採訪權限,九次親訪祖克柏,歷時三年深入訪談臉書核心團隊頂尖科技記者第一手揭露臉書策略背後的性格與決策文化領先分析祖克柏邁向元宇宙的趨力與企圖美國調查單位了解臉書的關鍵讀物 《金融時報》2020年最佳科技新書 《經濟學人》《華爾街日報》《舊金山紀事報》等媒體盛讚 《華盛頓郵報》:「全美最頂尖科技新聞工作者。」 《紐約時報》:「以最近距離看見貪得無厭的野心。」 作者史蒂芬‧李維獲得前所未有的採訪權限,長達三年貼身研究臉書,親訪祖克柏本人九次,並且深入採訪桑德伯格等核心高層,更訪問數百位員工與相關人士,為這家公司寫下最詳實完整的紀錄,甚至成為美國調查臉書的立法與監管單位人手一本的關鍵讀物。 性格,決定命運。每一個成功背後,都有代價。 「人們愛偷窺的程度超乎想像。」祖克柏在哈佛就從人類行為模式看出商機,做出爆紅網站,更是新創典範,快速成為地表最大社群帝國,但臉書也在攀至巔峰之後,開始付出慘痛代價。 -以成長為優先要務,忽視內容品管,造成惡意、歧視、暴力內容猖獗; -穩抓龐大廣告商機,卻不斷侵犯隱私底線,用戶從此沒有祕密; -為了吸引開發者,過度寬鬆的公司政策導致史上最大個資外洩災難; -全球最強大瘋傳引擎,卻也成為假新聞快速傳播、操弄選舉的最強利器; -靠精準眼光併購潛力競爭者,成為市場最大玩家,卻成為反壟斷最大目標。 本書將臉書十幾年來的決策,整理出清晰脈絡,讓我們看懂臉書今日的成功與失敗背後的原因。這家市值破兆、財務表現屢創新高的公司,卻逐漸失去信任,成為邪惡代名詞。祖克柏在這樣的危機中,更突然宣布改名Meta,全力發展元宇宙,背後又有何打算? 要了解臉書的下一步,就要從頭理解它走過的每一步。 「李維是科技新聞報導界的大師級人物,很少有人既能接觸企業高層,又能以數十年矽谷經驗,提出一針見血的觀察。揭曉了一家橫衝直撞的年輕公司,在握有改變世界的力量後產生的重大後果。」──《貝佐斯傳》作者史東(Brad Stone)讀者五星好評迴響 「比驚悚片更刺激的商業故事。每一個當下看似正確的決定,都預示了未來的災難後果。……你可以在書中看見許多不可逆的決策,長年累積,造就我們今天的世界。」 「接受臉書旗下所有app的服務條款前,先讀這本書吧!……書中提到許多我從來不知道的事實。」 「這家公司決定了我們如何溝通。了解臉書的經營思維、各種決策的歷史脈絡,才能真正理解今日有關個資與隱私的複雜問題。」

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